Data Services

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This page lists providers of information related to the water industry. Here you will find information on water source status, storages and weather information.

Across the globe we have to manage our water assets effectively, so on this page are links to data providers from across the globe. These providers will give you data on surface water quality, quantity and the same for groundwater. They will also provide you with other resources, especially those local to their area of expertise, to help you manage water resources efficiently.

Not all providers are the same types of organizations. We have government agencies, NGOs and private businesses feeding data to users of data in water management. You might find this data useful in managing natural resources, infrastructure or as a planner in a business that is an end user of water.

Knowing where our water resources are, where they can be used, their future and water quality are important pieces of information. Finding the data is half the battle in deciding how to manage water assets.




United Nations

UNEP, Vital Water Graphics

UN Water


Bureau of Meteorology Water Data Online


USGS Water Data for the Nation

If there are any other useful online sources of water data, we would be interested to know. I’m sure others would be interested and since this is a widely visited page, we would love to put a reference to the resource on this page.