At Global Water Connect we aim to make connections between water industry stakeholders. The project website shows you resources and data to help water industry stakeholders make the best decisions. We help you make the right choice when it comes to managing water assets.

While we are Canadian based, we have connections all around the globe. Water security is a global issue and it requires global solutions. We connect decision makers with those who create best practices in the water industry.

There are various means to make sure everyone has reasonable access to water. There are many different uses for water and what’s reasonable for one use is different to another. For example, drinking water is still not available for one billion people. This is a high value and high cost use for water. On the other hand, water for irrigation doesn’t need to meet the same standards. It’s not as high value and high cost as potable drinking water. This doesn’t mean it’s worthless, in fact in places without regulation we have seen disasters. Good management of water includes safe drinking water and appropriate water licensing and water trading for irrigation water.

This website aims to connect those in natural resource management, irrigation, agriculture, water purification, water utilities and water markets. Those who are looking to analyze water issues, come up with solutions to water security and commercialize solutions are welcome to browse the website. We have many resources available for you to browse.

Global Water Connect is the best resource on the web for finding stakeholders who are able to help in decision making for water issues. There are not many other resources mentioning key organizations from around the globe that are able to help you with your water resource management decisions.



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